I was a farmer. I’m not any more. I am a photographer. The natural world captured my heart while I worked on the land, and that has never left me. A wanderlust compels me to seek out the wilderness images which inspire me. I am lucky enough to have like-minded clients, whose desire for a reminder of South Africa’s brutal beauty keeps me happily ensconced in hides overlooking watering holes. It’s a win win…

When I’m back in the vicinity of traffic and commotion, I seek beauty ┬áin architecture and interior design. My work in the corporate space is as inspiring to me as my work in the wild, and being able to move comfortably between the two makes me a very lucky soul.

When I’m not behind my camera you can find me in my studio, my gallery, or the Shongweni Farmers’ Market in Hillcrest, KwaZulu Natal.

If you can’t find me there, I probably don’t want to be found…

One of the places you may find me is here, a quaint little gallery I share with my very talented partner, Wendy

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